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The BQF is an equivalent of QCF,NVQs,EQF and National Qualification framework in other countries. Bachelor degree BQF credits 480 - equivalent of ECTS 240 graduates who have successfully completed all courses (240 ECTS) in the curriculum. 3 pass all courses on the program (equivalent to a total of 240 ECTS). University of Nottingham credit values are translated into ECTS credit values by dividing the Nottingham credit value by two.

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system and in doing so also offering the full equivalent of a BSc. requirements of at least 240 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS credits are at second-cycle level, or have an equivalent education from  equivalent to Bachelor's degree of 180 ECTS credits, with credits in different subjects DN240X Examensarbete inom beräkningsteknik, avancerad nivå. The BSc in Germany is equivalent to the BSc(Hons) in the United Kingdom. years (six to eight semesters) and between 180 and 240 ECTS must be earned. One credit point is equivalent to one week of full-time study, and 3.2 Official length of programme: At least 160 credit points (240 ECTS credits). The scope of  level or completed course requirements of at least 240 ECTS credits, of which Affiliation: PhD student employment refers to a position which is equivalent to  To qualify for the position you must have completed a MSc or equivalent degree corresponding to at least 240 higher education (ECTS) credits in astrophysics,  In this system 1 Swedish study point is equivalent to 1, 5 ECTS, 1 Norwegian study 240CTS. 1996.

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While finishing a 2-year Master’s program will grant you 120 ECTS credits. subject area(s), language of instruction, credit volume of award (eg.

240 ects equivalent

PhD student position in chemistry with specialization in

Equivalent to 48 credit points at RMIT. 12 credit points at RMIT (=1 course). U.S.A . 12-15 credits.

240 ects equivalent

Second  degree (300 ECTS total). Note: Some First Cycle Bologna Compliant Bachelor's degrees are equivalent to US Bachelor's degrees (e.g. 240 ECTS degree). that are equivalent/comparable to it. According to Bologna Accord, to complete a bachelor's degree, students have to acquire between 180-240 ECTS points.
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240 ects equivalent

ECTS credits (or equivalent) and with not less than 10 ECTS credits (or equivalent) studied at third-year level or higher (or modular equivalent).

From that page, a bachelor's degree is worth 180-240 ECTS  require the equivalent of a Bachelor´s degree (minimum 180 ECTS credits) or a the equivalent of a graduate or postgraduate degree (minimum 240 ECTS  1 Apr 2021 Admission requirements: Hold a Bachelor degree with honors or 4-year/240 ECTS equivalent in chemistry and/or physics with a focus on  equivalent to 240 ECTS credits, in a relevant field, such as: clinical sciences, 240 ECTS credits, even if the student comes from an educational system  The doctoral programme takes four years to complete (the equivalent of 240 ECTS credits) and the licentiate degree is completed over two  Doctoral degrees are awarded for studies totalling 240 ECTS credits - four year at the advanced level or for equivalent foreign qualifications.
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240 ects equivalent understanding bioinformatics
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Approximately half of the education is dedicated to characteristic subject  Basic course 1: The teacher role at Luleå University of Technology, is equivalent to 3 ECTS and is targeting those with little or none teaching  courses included in the programme, or equivalent courses students are entitled to have the ECTS Grading. Table (EGT) 240 credits. and Ancient History level 3, HOSA04 Historical Osteology level 3, or the equivalent.

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av J Harju Johansson · 2008 — A Doctor's Degree comprises 240 ECTS credits (4 years of full-time studies).

The credits you accumulate are transferable, meaning you may be able to use them towards another programme offered by the same institution or by another institution.