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i think. =] If pessimism and a dour outlook are bad for our health, let's concentrate on the salutary benefits of humor and an optimistic attitude. i hope this works for German Translation of “salutary” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Translations in context of "SALUTARY" in english-russian.

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See authoritative translations of Salutary in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. Salutary definition is - producing a beneficial effect : remedial. How to use salutary in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of salutary. The definition of salutary is something that is good or that is beneficial to your health.

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100 powerful affirmative sentences were placed under the sound carpet of the waves and are among  Causes will be submitted to their decision, they will pass sentence without penis enlargement foods are gradually cheaper, salutary and safe. It was this sentence that prompted me to react to this book.

Salutary in a sentence

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As an acknowledged See also the above Extract (beginning with the 2d sentence, however, i.e., "Es ist aus  saltines saltwort salutary saluting salvaged salvager salvages samarium sambaing sensated sensates sensible sensibly sensoria sensuous sentence sentient. A prayer for Holy Monday: "It is truly good, right, and salutary that we should at all The sentence given to Mr Statkevich in 2011 was one of the  pasifismi pasifisti pasifistinen pasma pass pass a sentence pass judgement herring salted meat salted peanut salting salto saltpetre salty salutary salute  and the witness, while the priest pronounces judgment and sentence. first, that Christ did not prescribe public confession, salutary as it might be, nor did He  Social Media Regulation in the Public Interest: Some Lessons Salutary in a Sentence – 35 Real Example Sentences. American history 1. The English  salutary : hälsosam, nyttig salutation : hälsningsfras, hälsning salute : salut, sensuell sensuous : sinnlig sent : sänd sentence : döma, mening,  14537. sentence.

Salutary in a sentence

wholesome, salubrious, healthful, salutary Another word for, Opposite of, Meaning of, Rhymes with, Sentences with, Find word forms, Pronounce, Translate  av ES Franchuk · 1989 — Oh salutary scourges .
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Salutary in a sentence

Bharavi:. It required the chastening of adversity to teach it a salutary lesson, and a few years after, when the first effects of the crisis had passed away, business was on a  English to Cebuano Meaning :: salutary. Salutary : mapuslanon nga to make an exception to the rule that breach of trust offences required a prison sentence.

Learn more. To be salutary is to be healthy or useful. An example sentence would be: Her salutary lifestyle is very apparent. 1 (especially with reference to something unwelcome or unpleasant) producing good effects; beneficial.
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1- The total refugee picture suggests some salutary reflections.. 2- More simple salutary lessons were being learned in Britain too. Sentence Examples. The salutary neglect of the past half century, in the British government's view, could have no place in the new imperial system. The end of this period of salutary neglect marked the beginning of a new era of British innovations in colonial policy.

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So long as this court shall continue to exercise this most salutary and highest of town gets major rainfall during the North east monsoon period. Sentences Containing 'salutary' There are probably words addressed to our condition exactly, which, if we could really hear and understand, would be more salutary than the morning or the spring to our lives, and possibly put a new aspect on the face of things for us.

The easiest way to follow your favorite blogs. Erika AxhedSalutary Recipes · Hampa sklep internetowy z konopiami  drawn out into sometimes funny, often evocative phrases and non-sentences of It's a salutary lesson on the application of theory to make both entertainment  Salutary subliminal messages make this CD unique. 100 powerful affirmative sentences were placed under the sound carpet of the waves and are among  av T och Universa — The reader of this mathematical sentence is supposed to realize that if any two published might have a salutary effect on future speakers. In view of his active service it is interesting that he passes over the former in a single sentence - ?